How to Recover Microsoft Word License Key

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Microsoft Word License Key

The most efficient approach to just about any Microsoft word problem is to start a troubleshoot search with your favorite search engine, So you can be in a position to select the best method of approach to counter-attack the problem.

Locating your lost Microsoft product key with a key finder program.

Almost all software programs require a product key as part of the installation process. This comprises all versions of MICROSOFT WORD. The Microsoft word product key is therefore not an exception when lost since the software suite depends on it for a re-installation.

Microsoft word product keys are almost impossible to search manually since they are encrypted in the Windows registry.

Regarding this, some programs also called key finders do the finding and decryption work giving valid, paid-for office product key for success in reinstalling the program.

The keys being searched for could fail to get found. When this happens, the only legal option left is a purchase of a new copy of Microsoft word.


This product key situation is unique compared to the other versions.If you have an installed version of Microsoft Word 2016 via your office, 365 subscription product keys are not a requirement.

All you require to do is sign into your account and download and install the latest version of office 2016 on your computer.


Both Microsoft word 2010 and Microsoft word 2007 require a unique product key during installation.

You could fail to have a product key as a result of losing or deleting the email receipt that contained the product key in it.

You must have a valid product key to reinstall Microsoft Word 2010 or Microsoft Word 2007.

If Microsoft office word was recently installed the legitimate product key, you need to reinstall office that is put in in the Windows registry. Here it is encrypted thus it is not helpful as much.

To solve this, free programs known as key finder tools can find and decrypt that super important Microsoft office 2007 or 2010 product key.

How to find your Microsoft Word 2010 or 2007 key code.

  1. Download License Crawler. It is free and portable and leaves nothing on your computer.
  2. After downloading extract the ZIP file, you have to a folder and run License Crawler.exe.
  3. When License Crawler opens tap search.
  4. Wait for License Crawler to scan your entire registry, searching for registry keys that have product key information.
  5. When License Crawler is done scanning scroll down through the list and find the entry that has a 14.0 which is for 2010 or a12.0 which is for 2007.
  6. The Microsoft word 2010 or 2007 product key is the alphanumeric series listed after the serial number.
  7. Under the entry keep in mind the two rows one marked Product ID another labeled serial number.
  8. Write the product key code separately and accurately.
  9. Reinstall Microsoft word 2010 or 2007 using the product key that license Crawler showed.


If the procedure did not work and you are certain you don’t have your email receipt or other documentation from when you purchased Microsoft word 2007 or 2010, you are left with having to buy a new copy of Microsoft word.


A faster repair is useful to quickly fix most issues when the computer does not have an internet connection. The quick repair alternative should always be the first choice of choosing the Online repair option. The online repair is a reinstall and will take a long time to complete because it re downloads the installation files which are several hundreds of megabytes in size.

Download the Microsoft Word  installer because the web setup does not support repair then run it. For the user account control prompt, click yes.

When you find the office setup, choose the repair option and then click carry on button to begin repairing the Microsoft office installation. This process may take a while, after which make sure to reboot the computer.


Microsoft office 365 is subscription based and allows for being able to upgrade to the latest Microsoft office version. This is different from the old version of Microsoft word that could be bought with a one-time payment and the complete version be used without expiring.

This implies that the latest version is always available as an upgrade to the public for free.

Microsoft word problem may also be evident when you try to open a word, but an error message appears. This type of problem mainly occurs when a third –party software alters a file during the process of transmitting causing it difficult to open.

The user can solve this type of problem by following a series of steps.

First, he/she should open where the file is the store, and right click on it then go to the properties section and click on the block to instruct to unblock then when done click ok.

Lastly,the user may experience an incorrect display of the word document when he tries to open it.

This is caused by opening the word document using a different version from what it’s initially created. That is a file formatted to read in older version cannot open well in new releases because of incompatibility of the programs.

The problem can be solved by changing the document’s template by clicking the file on the ribbon and then click options. Click Add-ins. On the Manage box,click templates and click Go.

Finally, click Attach and in the Templates folder click Normal.dotm, and finally click open.

I’m a lifelong computer geek. I get excited about anything and everything related to computers, software, and new technology.

Oliver Stonewell

I'm a lifelong computer geek. I get excited about anything and everything related to computers, software, and new technology.