7 Common Microsoft Edge Problems

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Since the launch of Windows 10 by Microsoft, the company decided to launch a browser too.

The Microsoft edge is a browser designed to replace intent explorer with lots of new features.  Although the new browser comes with several benefits, it is a browser still in development, and it has several problems which you need to solve as you use the browser.

The user experience of Microsoft Edge is excellent, but just like any other young browser, there are several bugs which keep attacking the browser hence you should be equipped with tips on how to tackle them. Here are common Microsoft Edge problems and how to solve them:

1. Unable to access your downloads or favorites

In the new browser, Microsoft uses Hub to store downloads and your favorites. Just click on the taskbar and look for the hub and click on it.

In the Hub, you can choose favorites for you to see download and favorites saved in the location.
If your favorites were saved in another browser, you could click on import favorites tab to access them on the Microsoft Edge.

2. Your passwords are not working on Microsoft Edge

If you are trying to log into a website which requires password and Edge can’t allow, then the issues can be with your caches, cookies or even browsing history. Move the cursor to the settings section of the browser and choose to clear browser data.

After you clear browsing history, cookies and cache, you can reload the page to see if it opens.

An app installed on your computer can cause the problem as well. Run windows app troubleshooter to know if the app is a problem and uninstall the specific app. You can then reinstall it properly.

3. Cortana isn’t working on Edge

If it is not working, then you should check whether it is enabled on your Windows 10 device.

You can resolve the problem by visiting Cortana notebook on your Windows 10 desktop and switch it on. If it is not available in the desktop section, you can search for the search box and switch it on at the settings section.

4. Text in Edge is too small

You can apply the Ctrl – or Ctrl + shortcuts for you to increase the text font to your preferred view in an open web page. If you are trying to change the size of the text in reading view, then you have to proceed to more options button in the Microsoft Edge and click on the settings. At the settings, you can adjust the font and styles in the readings button.

5. Microsoft Edge running slowly and has trouble loading.

Click on more options and choose a new InPrivate browsing window. If the problem is solved, then there may be trackers affecting your normal page load.

Clear out edge data at the settings. You have to choose the settings button then select what to clear at the clear browser data section. You can clear cached files and browsing history then restart to see whether it works well.

If you have tried the above solutions without success, then you need to apply system file checker to diagnose the issues. You can bring up the options in your browser by pressing windows key + X. A list will appear where you will have to choose command prompt (Admin). In the prompt box, you can type “SFC / scannow” and enter.

The command will scan for system errors and try to fix them. If there is an error which the command can’t fix, then you need to look for ways of solving the problem.

6. Edge’s internet connection cuts out frequently or can’t connect

It can be a problem with your internet connection if other browsers are not working on your computer as well. If you used unsupported VPN software to upgrade to Windows 10, then you can’t access Edge. You should consider updating your software or just replace your VPN.

7. Web pages won’t load on Microsoft Edge

If you try to visit several websites and they return an error where they can’t load, then there is something wrong with your browser if the internet connection is available. Go to your Edge settings section and clear browser data. Use the options to clear your browser history; cached files then restart to see whether the web pages work.

I’m a lifelong computer geek. I get excited about anything and everything related to computers, software, and new technology.

Oliver Stonewell

I'm a lifelong computer geek. I get excited about anything and everything related to computers, software, and new technology.