Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Browser

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Browser Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcuts save our time, especially in the filed computing. And, most web browser developers know what their users want when they use a browser.

This is true for almost all well-known browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari etc. Hence, nearly all web browsers share a common set of keyboard shortcuts. These browser keyboard shortcuts help users to easily switch between browsers and offer even more things to do.

Ctrl+F5 Re-downloads the entire website (reloads and skip the cache)
Escape To stop
Alt+ Home To open homepage

Shortcuts for Zooming:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl and +, Ctrl+ Mouse wheel Up To zoom in
Ctrl and -, Ctrl+ Mouse wheel Down To zoom out
Ctrl+0 To set default zoom level
F11 To enter full-screen mode

Shortcuts for Scrolling:

Shortcut Function
Space or Page Down To scroll down
Shift+ Space, Page Up To scroll up
Home To reach top of the page
End To reach end of the page
Middle Click on mouse To scroll on the page with the help of mouse

Shortcuts for Address Bar:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+ LAlt+ DF6 Focuses the address bar
Ctrl+ Enter Adds www and .com and then loads the page. So, no need to enter complete URL; instead just add the text of the URL. For example, type Microsoft in the address bar and press Ctrl+ Enter to open www.

Even though individual browser has its own browser-specific shortcuts, learning the browser keyboard shortcuts they have in common will surely help.

So, here are the most common browser keyboard shortcuts which can be uses in almost all browsers.

Shortcuts to Work with Tabs:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+1-8 Switches to specified tab (counting from the left side)
Ctrl+9 Switches to the last tab
Ctrl+ Tab Switches to the next tab on the right side
Ctrl+ Shift+ Tab Switches to the next tab on the left side
Ctrl+ WCtrl+F4 Closes the current tab
Ctrl+ Shift+ T Reopens the recently closed tab
Ctrl+ T Opens new tab
Ctrl+ N Opens a new browser window
Alt+ F4 Closes the current working window

Mouse Actions for Tabs:

Shortcut Function
Middle Click a Tab Closes the tab
Ctrl+ Left Click, Middle Click Opens the link in background
Shift+ Left Click Opens the link in new browser window
Ctrl+ Shift+ Left Click Opens the link in foreground tab

 Shortcuts for Navigation:

Shortcut Function
Alt+ Left Arrow, Backspace To go back
Alt+ Right Arrow, Shift +Backspace To go forward
F5 To reload the page
Alt+ Enter If you select address bar and use Alt + Enter keys then the location in the address bar will get open in a new tab

Shortcuts for Search:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+ FF3 Opens the on-page search box to search in the current page
Ctrl+ KCtrl+ E Focuses the browser’s built-in search box/address bar if the browser doesn’t have a specific search box
Alt+ Enter Performs a search from the search box in a new tab
Ctrl+ GF3 Finds the next match of the searched item on the page
Ctrl+ Shift+ GShift+F3 Finds the previous match of the searched item on the page

Shortcuts for History and Bookmarks:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+ H Opens the browsing history of the browser
Ctrl+ J Opens the download history
Ctrl+ D Bookmarks the current page
Ctrl+ Shift+ Del Opens Clear Browsing History window

 Other Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+ P Prints the current page
Ctrl+ S Saves the current page locally
Ctrl+ O Opens the file present on your computer
Ctrl+ U Shows the current page source code in a new tab
F12 Opens Developers Tools

Note: These browser keyboard shortcuts work fine with almost all browsers. For Linux or Mac users, modifier keys may be slightly different, yet these are generally universal. And,

  • To open Developers Tools via F12 in Firefox, Firebug extension is mandatory
  • Ctrl+ U doesn’t help in viewing current page source code in IE
  • For search functionality Ctrl+ K doesn’t work in IE, instead, make use of Ctrl+ E
  • Middle click works only in Windows
I’m a lifelong computer geek. I get excited about anything and everything related to computers, software, and new technology.

Oliver Stonewell

I'm a lifelong computer geek. I get excited about anything and everything related to computers, software, and new technology.