13 Microsoft Edge Extensions You Should Be Using

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Microsoft Edge Extensions allows you to use different functions in the browser. For instance, if you love watching videos, there are several extensions available to make online video watching exciting.

There are some ads you find annoying while browsing. You can use the browser extensions to block those advertisements. Here are top Microsoft Edge Extensions you should know:

1. Print Friendly and PDF

If you decide to print a web page, it will come with several other details you don’t need. For instance, it will  include navigation and ads. But, print-friendly and PDF helps you to remove all  crap before you print it out. It allows you to quickly delete the section you  don’t want before you save it to PDF format.

2. Save to Pocket

There are times you see interesting things online, but you don’t have enough time to read them. You can use read it later function and save the page to pocket. When using Microsoft Edge, the extension makes save to pocket a quick operation you just perform within seconds.

3. Translator for Microsoft Edge

If you visit foreign language sites, you can’t get lost if you have a translator. It auto translates over 50 languages. Just click on the icon when on a page which is not in your language and it will translate instantly. You can even select sections of the page you prefer to translate.

4. Zoom for Microsoft Edge

The extension allows zooming in and out of a web page. It is an essential extension if you are reading a text in small fonts or you are trying to figure out what is captured in a faint photo. The zoom capabilities make your web page viewing stress-free even if you have eye problems.

5. GetThemAll

It is an extension to allow you download videos from the web while using edge. It will enable you to capture all files which are downloaded on a page and store them for future use. If you love downloading videos and other files, it is a must-have extension for your Microsoft Edge browser.

6. Enhancer for YouTube

It allows you enhance your visit to YouTube by removing ads and annotations which may be boring for some videos. It has functions where you can whitelist those you will prefer watching the advertising. Other features include disabling auto place as well as preloading of videos. Volume changer and mouse wheel control make the functions great.

7. AdBlock Plus

It is beta software which allows you to block advertising on web pages you visit. The extension ensures your online browsing experience is commercial free.

8. Ghostery

The extension is designed to increase your privacy while using Microsoft Edge. It finds and blocks all tracking technology which may be applied online against you. Ghostery is associated with increasing browsing speed in Microsoft Edge.

9. LastPass Free Password Manager

It has the capability of storing all your favorite logins to the Microsoft Edge browser. There are some sites you visit, but they require you to set up a strong password. The login details can be securely stored in the browser if you utilize the extension.

10. Mouse Gestures

There are some things you will like to do using your mouse rather than just clicking. The Microsoft edge browser extension brings the gestures to your mouse so that you can accomplish different functions without necessarily clicking on various commands.

11. Office Online

There are several features of Microsoft Office you will like to access while online. For example, you may require word and excel functions while browsing. The extension allows you to access the features while in online performing different office tasks.

12. OneNote Web Clipper

The Edge extension will enable you to store various items you see on edge. While online, the internet will allow you to access lots of information pages which you can decide to store for future use.

The web clipper makes it easy for you to store different information you obtain online easily.

13. Evernote Web Clipper

If you love using evertone cache, then you need the extension. It is a quick way for you to save different learning materials you access online to evertone cache. The browser extension has great user experience for you to enjoy your browsing experience.

I’m a lifelong computer geek. I get excited about anything and everything related to computers, software, and new technology.

Oliver Stonewell

I'm a lifelong computer geek. I get excited about anything and everything related to computers, software, and new technology.